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LEADER cooperation

Cooperation is more than just setting up a network of actors. In this context, a Local Action Group undertakes a shared project with another Leader group or with groups adopting a similar approach in another region, member state, or third country.

The most effective source of innovation for LAGs is cooperation with other regions. This offers a different perspective and makes it possible to fully exploit new opportunities as they materialise. In the context of European rural development policy, LEADER has great responsibility for transnational cooperation.

“Inter-territorial cooperation and networking bestows a European dimension to local development in rural areas from the very start on. It allows local actors to experience similarities and differences in utterly new dimensions, it opens up people’s minds, leads to knowledge exchange, pooling and transfer and provides new perspectives for solution oriented strategies and concepts regardless of the great diversity of rural areas and governance contexts.” (Lukesch & Schuh 2007)

The GAL Foundation for Development in Oltrepo Pavese has been involved in LEADER cooperation since the previous programme (2000/2006), which created both the inter-territorial cooperation project TERRE ALTE and the transnational cooperation project YOUTH & RURALITY.

As part of the current programme (2207/2013) the Foundation is a partner in the inter-territorial cooperation project TERRITORI CHE FANNO LA COSA GIUSTA (“territories doing the right thing”).

European territorial cooperation

The Foundation offers its skills and know-how to elaborate project ideas, find partners, prepare candidates and proposals. It also provides technical assistance for numerous European territorial cooperation programmes: cross border, trans-national and inter-territorial.

As part of the current programme (2207/2013) the Foundation provides technical assistance to its partner Provincia di Pavia for the project LiMIT4WeDA as part of the European MED programme.

European cooperation archive


  • PSR 2007/2013 Asse Leader – Misura 421: Cooperazione interterritoriale
    PSR 2007/2013 Asse Leader – Misura 421: Cooperazione interterritoriale


    Progetto di cooperazione interterritoriale per l’ambiente e lo sviluppo sostenibile, l’informazione e le nuove






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