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The GAL Foundation for Development in Oltrepo Pavese Local Development Plan (LDP) is an integrated, development plan aimed at farms and processing businesses, forestry and product consortiums and cooperatives and, above all, local authorities. Th0e plan deals with six main themes: Economy and services, environment, tourism and culture, competitiveness, local information and promotion as well as cooperation.

The plan was approved by the Lombardy Region on 14 July 2009 (decree No. 7257) and has a value of about 6 million Euros, which have been invested in the territory of 46 local councils in Oltrepo Pavese since 2009. The deadline for using these resources is 2014.

The direct recipients of the resources allocated by the plan are invited to propose themselves for the management of the foreseen activities. In this way they have the opportunity to take advantage of easier access compared to the standard procedure for the regional rural development plan (Piano di Sviluppo Rurale regionale (PSR) ) 2007/2013.

The resources of the Local Development Plan can be accessed, depending on the financial scale of the action, by calls for proposals or by means of conventions with the benefitting authority.

Calls for Proposals 2007/2013


Progetti Leader finanziati con misure a bando


Progetti Leader finanziati con misure a convenzione






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PSR 2007-2013 Direzione Generale Agricoltura