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The Oltrepo Pavese Leader Area for the 2007-2013 programme includes 50 local councils in the north-most area of the oltrepadana zone of the province of Pavia. The area includes part of the Ligurian Appenine mountains and is wedged between the provinces of Alessandria, Genova and Piacenza.

The infrastructures, geography and socio-economic characteristics of these local councils can be divided into three distinct categories with three different levels of hardship:

A mountainous and high-hill area with evident problems of hardship and isolation already subject of the previous Leader Plus programme;

An area of medium-height hills consisting of medium to small sized local councils with a generally positive population trend and a markedly lively agricultural sector, despite problems of hardship and isolation. The problems in this area are less critical than in the mountain areas;

An area consisting of low hills and plains, where the local councils and territory in general are proportionately on a larger scale and have a more significant socio-economic impact on the area as a whole. These are the councils of Casteggio, Rivanazzano Terme and Stradella. They differ from the others in being more dynamic, having a higher concentration of population, services and businesses.

The 19 councils of the mountain area are the most widespread and account for about 65% of the new Oltrepo Pavese Leader area. The remaining councils take up less physical space but account for most of the population.

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